Friday, December 11, 2009

5 Skill Sets

5 Skill Sets are the foundation of ERthink:

Shuttle Thinking
Think into Time
Fatal Distractions

The concept of 5 Skill Sets is a result of my years in medical school. Sitting in lecture halls, 200 students, some paying attention, some feverishly taking notes, some reading the newspaper (this was in the pre-texting era). There was absolutely no way to remember all of the data downloaded during the 4-6 hours of daily lecture. The traditional medical school tool to remember was -- find the "3 pearls" of the lecture--find the 3 key points that you want to remember, and then burn them into your memory. The rest of the data, you just needed to be "familiar" with, so you could look it up when you needed it. So, my "3 pearls" method that worked well in medical school, is now the design model for the 5 Skill Sets.

I have reduced the core of the ERthink seminar to 5 Skill Sets -- 9 words!  My goal was to keep it as simple, and as practical as possible.    Many courses in Critical Decision Skills are two full days of lecture. This course can be completed in as little as 90 minutes.   My goal is not to deluge you in data, but to provide you with a toolbox of readily accessible skills that can easily be put to work. Feel free to rename any or all of the Skill Sets--do whatever it takes to make them easier and faster for you to recall. I have also placed the 5 Skills Sets on the back of my business card to be a handy reminder--easily used as a checklist.   They are also found in greater detail on my web page, ready to be used as a quick reference.

As my lecturing skills have matured, I have learned to not overwhelm the audience with a mass of knowledge--most of which they may or may not remember. I have learned to limit my presentation to a few key points that I absolutely want you to take home and remember -- forever! I would hope that you can concentrate your key take home points from the seminar to such a reductionist level that your notes would also be able to fit on the back of my business card-- to be your complete reference point for critical decision making. ERthink is designed to present the 5 Skill Sets in a visually entertaining manner to help you lock the Skill Sets firmly into your brain.

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